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Leading Through Excellence

The ultimate goal of everyone at Micro-Tech Machine is to satisfy the customer. By meeting or exceeding the customer specifications, we are building our reputation as a world class supplier. There are many elements that go into being able to satisfy the customer. From manufacturing highly precision parts to developing our corporate strategy, to ensuring the cleanliness of the manufacturing floor..... they all play an integral role in providing for the customer. It is for this reason that we have coined our business philosophy, "Leading Through Excellence". It is essential that we display excellence in all of our departments, responsibilities and tasks.

As indicated from our business philosophy, the journey to excellence begins with leadership. We, here at Micro-Tech firmly believe that an organization cannot truly become great unless it has the support of upper management behind it. No matter how customer and quality oriented your employees may be, without leadership creating, believing in and sustaining a customer focus the employees efforts will be fruitless.

The main role of leadership is strategic planning. Strategic planning entails the identification and development of all key quality and operational performance requirements. Once these requirements have been defined, it is up to leadership to integrate all of them into an overall plan.

The plan developed by leadership focuses on a broad variety of issues. However none of these is more important than customer focus. Customer focus continually examines the relationship with the customer in order to ensure that client needs are being met.

In order to measure whether our quality and operational performance requirements are being achieved, information and analysis is needed. The collection and examination of data ranging from daily productive hours to the satisfaction rating given to us by our customer is essential in order to make sure we are focusing our efforts in the right direction. It is this data and analysis that provides us with our performance results. By consistently watching these results, it can be determined if we are doing the things needed to make our customer happy.

The one essential element needed to make Micro-Tech a world class company is our people. We here at Micro-Tech recognize the importance of all of our people and value them as our most vital resource. Without the employees, many of the areas of excellence mentioned above would not be reachable. We believe in educating the employees in the quality effort and their role in satisfying both internal and external customers. At the same time, we empower our employees to make their own decisions in their work. This environment of continuous improvement and learning is called human resource development and management.

The empowerment of our people makes process management possible. Process management is simply the search for ways to improve quality, operational performance and assessment. It is driven by the employees, the ones creating the quality and working the systems on a daily basis. Process management allows the employees to contribute ideas to improve the process, thus creating a positive work environment.

Together these seven areas of excellence define our business philosophy. They are collectively summed up in one phrase, "Leading Through Excellence", which constantly reminds us that the road to becoming a world class company is a continual, ever-changing process.