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Micro-Tech Machine, Inc. is a leader in the manufacturing of Aerospace components. Since 1983 we have provided precision machined components for both commercial and military aircraft. In addition, we have served the appliance, automotive, medical & photographic industries.


One of the pre-requisites of being a supplier for the aerospace industry is the ability to deliver burr-free products. Component parts that Micro-Tech manufactures will be subject to extreme temperatures and pressures. Loose particles of metal, or other materials, that could break away and obstruct the flow of any medium could result in disaster.

Consequently, Micro-Tech employs a full deburring department in-house. These highly skilled individuals provide deburring support from a visual level to a 30X magnification.


Behind every manufactured part is a well thought out process. At Micro-Tech, much time is spent in developing, analyzing, and documenting the process needed to produce a quality part. From the moment the job goes through our Purchase Order Review, personnel from Engineering, Production Control, and the Manufacturing Floor are in contact determining the necessary tooling and fixturing. Once the job has been setup, the process is again analyzed for any potential improvements that may be made.


As a World Class Supplier Micro-Tech uses state-of-the-art equipment with features that include .000010" tool offset capabilities, interchangeable turrets, live tooling, sub-spindles and hydro-bar feeders. Our thirteen lathes feature bar capacities ranging from 1/16" to 2" through the spindle, with up to 8" chucking capacity

In addition, our two machining centers & edm capabilities allow us to do very precise machining. With such equipment, we are able to hold tolerances from .00005 with demanding finish requirements.

With cutting edge technologies such as high-pressure coolant, in-process gaging and the utilization of a CAD\CAM system and custom built software, Micro-Tech is keeping ahead of the competition, in the highly competitive Aerospace Industry.

Tool Room

Having an in-house Toolroom gives us the capabilities of quickly designing and manufacturing our own jigs and fixtures. In addition, the Toolroom allows us to create special collets and bushings off-line from the CNC production equipment.


  • Haas Mill VF2
  • Tornos Swiss GT
  • Hardinge Conquest SP- GT
  • Hardinge CNC Lathe CHNC I
  • Hardinge Conquest T42
  • Bridgeport Interact 412
  • Omniturn
  • Supermax Rebel 1
  • Autoloader-GT
  • Manual EDM
  • DaeWoo DMV-3016L
  • Wasino GS-04T
  • Hardinge RS 51
  • Hardinge Elite 51
  • Hardinge Elite 42